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General Contracting


 In 2011 we began utilizing our long held Unlimited General Contractor’s license by starting a vertical construction division which has already grown into an accomplished group.  While we have completed several new buildings and upfits in existing buildings, we are most excited about our historic rehabilitation projects.  We recently completed the Hollar Hosiery Mill Historic Rehabilitation Project in June of 2013 and have now begun work on the larger Moretz Mill Historic Rehabilitation Project.  These old structures are much more difficult to work on since they are in varying degrees of decay and often have many additions/repairs utilizing different methods and materials over the years that must be brought back safely and with Historic Preservation techniques and regulations in mind.  They can also contain hazardous building materials that must be removed properly to protect the environment.   Even with these challenges, we truly enjoy the opportunity and the great accomplishment of revitalizing pieces of our local history and restoring these antique buildings to be useful again, provide locations for new business, and bring new jobs to our community.