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Record Breaking Year

March 2021 Newsletter

Throughout 2020, Neill took on some of their largest projects in the company's history. In July we broke ground at the Apple Creek Corporate Park in Bessemer City, North Carolina. This project includes moving 1.3 million cubic yards of dirt for 10 building pads and roadways in the new corporate park.

Neill also began the site work for the new Crate and Barrel Distribution center in September with Choate Construction. This 60-acre site requires 600,000 cubic yards of dirt to be moved. With a shorter schedule on this job, Neill's crew has been working non-stop with record amounts of dirt being moved at once. The sire is operating with 27 pieces of equipment running while Choate's team begins construction on the structure.

Last but certainly not least Neill also began work on the Trivium Corporate Center in Hickory, North Carolina. This first phase of the corporate park requires 400,000 cubic yards of dirt to be moved to create three pad ready lots. Work at Apple Creek Corporate Park, Crate and Barrel Distribution and Trivium Corporate Center are all continuing in 2021.

The Building division at Neill has also been on the rise in 2020 with the continuation of the Preston Ridge Apartments and Commercial Building. Starting in 2019 and working through two winters, one of the wettest years and a global pandemic, the Preston Ridge Apartments are set to be completed in March 2021. There are five multi-family buildings ranging from 29,000 sq.ft. to 35,000 sq.ft.; a garage space that is 3,000 sq. ft.; and one multi-family building which includes the leasing office, gym and spa area that is 61,000 sq. ft. There are a total of 172 units between all of the buildings. Neill also constructed the 27,000 sq.ft. Preston Ridge Commercial Building right off of Startown Road. The upper level of this building has space for a restaurant and multiple retail storefronts. Located in the lower level of the commercial building is the new Catawba Valley Community College Cosmetology offices, classrooms, and salons.

New Safety Manager Joining the Team

Neill Grading is happy to introduce our newest member to the Neill Family. Todd Shoebridge joined the Neill team in February of 2021 as our new Safety Manager. He is here to promote a safety culture both inside and outside of the organization, making sure everyone goes home at the end of the day. Shoebridge holds two Associates Degrees in Biology and Ecology from Montreat College, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science from the University of

Maryland. He worked for the City of Hickory for 30 years; 21 as a firefighter and Captain at the Hickory Fire Dept. and the rest spent as the Safety & Risk Manager/ADA Coordinator. Shoebridge also holds many certifications including Manager of Environmental Safety and Health (MESH) Construction, General Industry, Advanced Safety Certification, and EMT. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and two grandsons, Connor and Krew, taking trips to different locations, exploring craft breweries and being outdoors.

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